Do we value a child’s life (if he/she were dying) over a rabbit? If we valued true science over the scientific fraud of animal testing, the child and the rabbit would both be safe.

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1) The heart-lung machine was the most critical development in open-heart surgery for it takes over the function of the patient’s heart and lungs during open heart operations. John H. Gibbon of Philadelphia, U.S.A. who developed a heart-lung machine on dogs abandoned his project when two patients died, admitting that it was unsafe for human beings.
J.W. Kirklin of the Mayo Clinic, without the use of animals and using careful clinical trials made a heart-lung machine which was successful on human beings.
(H. McLeave, The Risk Takers, Holt, Rinehard & Winston, 1962, page 70.)

2) ARSL claims that coronary by-pass and open heart surgery was pioneered on dogs in New Zealand, and without “their help” many New Zealanders who received heart surgery would not be here today. Were these claims backed up with evidence which could withstand scrutiny, the N.Z. Anti-Vivisection Society would concede and shift from the scientific to the ethical battleground against vivisection. However not a shred of evidence is offered and a study of the papers written by pioneers in the field of heart surgery (and all medicine) reveals a clear-cut and comprehensive case for the immediate abolition of vivisection on the grounds that it is unreliable, dangerous, and retards progress.

3) “Animal research was NOT responsible for the development of coronary bypass surgery. In 1961 in France, Kunlin first used a portion of a person’s own vein to replace obstructed arterial segments. This gave birth to arterial bypass surgery for different parts of the body, the heart included. By contrast, Beck of Ohio and Vineburg of Canada took their theories to the animal laboratory in search of surgical answer to the complications of coronary artery disease. Each devised more than one procedure, envisioning success from their findings in animals. Not long after, their recommended operations were performed on thousands of human patients. What were the results? To say the least, unworthy. To put it bluntly; a fiasco, a total failure. I am witness to this event and the least I can do is speak out. Animal experimentation inevitably leads to human experimentation. That is the final verdict, sad as it is. And the toll mounts on both sides.”
– Dr Moneim A. Fadali, for 25 years one of America’s leading cardiovascular surgeons.

4) What about all the children who died or were born with birth defects exactly because of the inadequacy of animal testing?

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